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Sitecore and Commerce Server are coming together to bring your business the most powerful tools to drive results.   Sitecore has acquired Commerce Server, let Aperture labs help your business take advantage of this powerful combination.  Aperture Labs is one of a few certified Sitecore partners that are also certified Commerce Server Enterprise partners.  Whether you need to maintain a current site or need to build a new solution we’ve got you covered.  Contact Aperture Labs today to talk with experts about what these powerful tools can do for your business.

Sitecore has the powerful features to reach your customers


  • Content personalization – Personalize a visitor’s experience, in real time, based on their behavior. Content authors can create rules and scoring systems to deliver dynamic content to specific visitors.
  • Mobile and multi-device support and output—Dynamically assembled content can be optimized for virtually any output format and any device.
  • E-commerce – Integrate your ERP system with Sitecore & Commerce Server or your existing ecommerce solution.
  • Multi-language content support with translation—Content can be maintained in any number of languages, providing on demand dynamic creation of a document or web page in any language. Easy integrations are available with external translation service providers for seamless translation.
  • Social media – Easy to integrate modules including forums, newsletters, web forms, RSS feeds, blogs, surveys and more.
  • Multi-site capabilities – One Sitecore license can be used to manage multiple domains, sub-sites and microsites. Publish content to one or more publishing targets (locations) are well as share content across many locations making site maintenance more efficient.
  • Built-in content staging (preview) environment—Content is entered into a staging environment with role based security where users and managers can edit/approve content before easily publishing to production.
  • In-context WYSIWYG content editing— The WYSIWYG rich text editor  is fully customizable and offers users formatting controls, styles, insertion of media assets and hyperlinks, spellcheck, find & replace, undo/redo, editing of tables and much more. Using the Page Editor interface content editing occurs in the context of a web page, where users navigate to and click on the content they want to edit.
  • Content scheduling, expiration and archiving—Content stakeholders have full control over the scheduled publishing, expiration and archiving of content.
  • Content permissions, versioning and workflow—Structured and document-based content use the same permission, versioning and workflow functionality.
  • Content reuse, aggregation and syndication—Based on XML content repository, Sitecore enables easy reuse of content across multiple documents or web pages. In addition, facilities to aggregate content from various external data sources, such as Document Management Systems, enable the production of documents and web pages that share content form a variety of sources.


Commerce Server

Commerce Server provides the applications and tools to meet the needs of all audiences of enterprise- level e-commerce systems:

  • Commerce Server provides a highly scalable, highly-performing e-commerce platform that gives a complete, personalized online shopping experience through any medium that can be delivered by using browser-based or Web-service technologies.
  • Commerce Server provides four Windows Smart Client Web services-enabled applications for managing the daily operations that are associated with catalogs, marketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and more.
    For more information, see Commerce Server Business Management Applications.
  • Commerce Server extends the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio development platform to facilitate the development of e-commerce and related applications.
    For more information, see Commerce Server Development Systems, Commerce Server Development Platform, and Development Support for International Commerce Server Sites.
  • Commerce Server provides several tools to deploy, administer, manage, and monitor the health of the enterprise network. Additionally, with site staging and replication you can automate the distribution and movement of data and sites across multiple environments.
    For more information, see Commerce Server Setup and Deployment and Commerce Server Administration and Operations.
  • Commerce Server supports the ability to engage and sell to customers through different mediums (or channels). The Commerce Server Multi-Channel Framework (MCF) provides a true dividing line for presentation versus business logic. This separation allows for defining and re-using common business logic across multiple channels. 


Contact us today to learn more about these great solutions and how Aperture Labs can help you.

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